KD Smart Chair – The Key to Get your Independence and Mobility Back

KD Smart ChairWhat if you have found out that there is power wheelchair weighing only 50 pounds? You will surely be delighted with such thing especially if you are facing some mobility issues. The KD Smart Chair is a highly innovative and powerful electric wheelchair that folds for easier transport. This provides a convenient seating and comfortable overall wheelchair riding experience at a fraction of cost.

Get Yourself More Familiar with KD Smart Chair Powerful Wheelchair

The KD Smart Chair is FDA-cleared and can actually support a rider weighing up to 265 pounds and can even go up to about 15 miles with the aid of its rechargeable lithium batteries. KD Smart Chair also offers heavy duty version weighing about 59 pounds and can support a rider weighing up to 396 pounds.

KD’s marketing mainly focuses on this device as an ideal option for seniors and individuals with disabilities who are in need of a chair full-time. However, unlike all the other similar options, the KD Smart Chair got beneficial components such as foot rests, arm rests, anti-tilt wheels and more. This is also noted for its excellent functionality to efficiently handle the diverse needs of even the more demanding users.

KD Smart Chair Outstanding Features

KD Smart Chair boasts its outstanding features which completely capture the interest and attention of shoppers. The great features of KD Smart Chair are as follows:

  • Can support a rider weighing up to 265 pounds
  • Lithium batteries helps KD Smart Chair to travel up to 15 miles
  • Folds easily for easier and more convenient storage
  • The KD Smart Chair is a FDA-cleared medical device
  • This comes with a removable seat and a seat cover
  • This is compact in size as compared to traditional wheelchair
  • This also features dual-wheel brushless motors which is more efficient and powerful than brushed motors
  • The KD Smart Chair cost less so as the replacement parts
  • Most durable and stable than competitors’ products
  • This requires minimal or almost no maintenance at all

Who Can Benefit from KD Smart Chair Powerful Wheelchair

The amazing benefits delivered by this wheelchair are given but this even cover more added benefits geared towards particular group of people. Those who are veterans, senior citizens, elderly with medical issues and disabilities can benefit from KD Smart Chair the most. This is a convenient and reliable wheelchair available in the market today and a highly recommended option for those with mobility issues.

So if you are looking for a new and powerful electric wheelchair, the KD Smart Chair is strongly recommended. Its great features, innovative designs durability as well as its great product warranty make KD Smart Chair one of the best choices. Now is the best time to invest on this product to overcome your mobility issues and let you get your independence and mobility back once again.

If you are thinking about where to buy KD Smart Chair, there is no better place than to purchase it online directly from KD’s official site.