KD Smart Chair – The Ultimate Solution to Mobility Issues

KD Smart ChairIf you are having issues with mobility and it start to interfere with the ideal quality of your life, you naturally would want to look for the best solution to the problems you are facing. The KD Smart Chair I certainly a life saver. This is one of the most versatile and lightweight electric wheelchairs available in the market today. This smart chair is ultimately lightweight and can actually travel about 15 miles on a single battery charge. This also folds easily and makes transportation a breeze.

Unveiling the Great Features of KD Smart Chair

This KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair offers sets of amazing features like wheel locks, belt and few added features including storage tray by footrest. Its lightweight design is actually one of the most highlighted features of this product. This smart electric wheelchair weighs just 50 pounds that is essentially lighter than other similar products. This is especially designed to conveniently carry a rider who weighs up to 265 pounds. One of the great things about KD Smart Chair is that this model can easily fold down into a compact size and can be stored inside your home or bring with you during your travel.

Other essential features of KD Smart Chair are as follows:

• Speed

This smart wheelchair can reach a speed of up to 5 mph but note that the rider’s weight can actually affect the over-all speed of this smart chair. This is also capable of maneuvering outdoors and indoors and to even climb hills easily at 12-degree angle, which is one of the steepest angles you can see on this product.

• Battery Life

KD Smart Chair‘s battery life is the same as what you often see in majority of motorized wheel chairs. This can travel 15 miles just in one charge. Though this is just an average in the industry, the best electric wheelchair can last approximately about 19-20 miles in one charge.

• Accessories

This KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair got numerous design features including wheel locks, seat belt and more. There is also enough padding in the seat making it more comfortable to sit eve for extended hours. But, there’s actually no headrest, which may probably be an essential feature for some.

• Backed with Product Warranty

This product is backed with manufacturer’s warranty. The frame of KD Smart Chair is actually warrantied for 5 years. The product manufacturer also covers all the electronic components of this smart chair for one year. In case you are not pleased with the product, you can actually get your money back within sixty days since this product comes with 60-day satisfaction guarantee and this is something that is sometimes not offered by other brand or manufacturer.

The KD Smart Chair is one of the best options if you are looking for an advanced and compact wheelchair. You can easily transport this smart chair easily since this is lightweight. So if you need an electric wheelchair that can easily get around, KD Smart Chair is a very versatile option. This is also the ultimate solution to individuals’ mobility issues.